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Caigle New strategy: Partners!

         In May 2019, Internet giants such as Ma Huateng, Lei Jun and Robin Li put forward their strategies and new intentions, and Internet+, cross-border e-commerce, industrial Internet, digital economy, e-commerce express, sharing economy, online and offline, and Internet+ education also became last year's buzzwords.


         Today, in 2020, there are huge changes in various industries under the special epidemic situation. The topic of sharing economy has also received greater attention. 


         When the industry was deeply involved in the new epidemic, Caigle emerged and responded to the situation by setting up an e-commerce division to explore the integration and development of "Internet+"; by integrating multiple resources, Caigle established the "Caigle Garment Water-based New Material R&D Center" to contribute to environmental protection in China. Relying on the sharing economy model to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, and laying out the business partner strategy, we are striving to become a trusted cooperative enterprise of global garment brands.

Talent Strategy
Personnel Training

Embrace trends and changes in order to embrace the future


The new environmental protection printing materials such as solid pulp, adhesive pulp, special pulp series, digital pulp series, auxiliaries and other new environmental protection printing materials produced by Caigle are commonly used as raw materials in textile and garment industry, which are in line with national standards, energy-saving and environmental protection and have great development potential.


Sharing economy, joint venture, be a partner.

Based on the sharing economy model, Caigle shares its products and hardware facilities, so as to establish a new system of sharing, cooperation and mutual assistance.

Partners do not need industry experience, color grid headquarters to provide full support.

What does a partner do?


Partners, as the name suggests, are partners who share the same goal of creating a business together: partners are responsible for expanding business and market management in the cooperation area; Caigle combines its own products and hardware advantages to promote the development of the whole platform. Both parties have complementary advantages and mutual benefits.


Simply put, the Caigle platform is equivalent to only requiring partners to invest very little, they can get office space, products and human resources, and carry out their business from a high starting point.


 " Don't understand? Simply put! "


If you are an investor, you don't need to rent office and plant, the office and plant of color grid is yours.

You don't need to go to develop the products, Caigle has the products.

You are your own boss, and you get most of the performance of the expansion.

How to join as partner?


Consult the cooperation → visit the company → meeting and consultation → sign the agreement → training and operation



Partners can get.:


1. the most cutting-edge trends, providing high-value reference for investment decisions

2. get to know industry partners and improve industry knowledge

3. the most lucrative profit return

Share the economy, start a business together, the future has come, adult to reach themselves!

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